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Regional Campuses Tenure and Promotion Forms


Tenure and Promotion Process Timeline (PDF)


Current Forms
2013 Forms
All 2013 Forms (Word Format)


Librarians should use the same set of form as above, except substituting the following form for the Teaching Responsibilities section and RCTP-6 Evidence of Effective Teaching:
RCTP-6 Effectiveness as a Librarian



  • If you cannot see the gridlines in the Teaching Responsibilities chart, in Microsoft Word, go to Layout > View Gridlines. 
  • The Overall Global Index is the score at the top of Class Climate evaluations, below Overall Indicators and before Part I. 
  • For an example of how to complete the Teaching Responsibilities chart, download this sample document (.pdf).


Current list of all tabs to be printed for T&P applications
This new tab structure was approved by the Palmetto College Campuses Faculty Senate, 19 April 2013.  It will be included in the upcoming edition of the Regional Campuses and Extended University Faculty Manual, but is included here for candidate reference.  The candidate prepares material for RCTP-1 through RCTP 12 only; please refer to the 2012 RCEUFM pages 17-19 for more detailed descriptions of what should be included in each section.  The Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs should provide tabs for candidates.

RCTP-1           Regional Campuses Tenure and/or Promotion File Form
RCTP-2           Regional Campuses Criteria for Tenure and/or Promotion
RCTP-3           Voting Form
RCTP-4           Education and Employment History
RCTP-5           Personal Statement
                        Teaching Responsibilities
RCTP-6           Evidence of Effective Teaching
RCTP-7           Evidence of Scholarship
RCTP-8           Evidence of Service
RCTP-9           List of Supporting Materials
RCTP-10         Curriculum Vitae
RCTP-11         Other Items
RCTP-12         Addenda
RCTP-13         Summary of Teaching Evaluations
RCTP-14         External Reviews of Scholarship
RCTP-15A      Division Chair’s Letter (if applicable)
RCTP-15B      Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Letter (if applicable)
RCTP-15C      Local Tenure and Promotion Committee Letter
RCTP-15D      Campus Dean’s Letter
RCTP-15E      System Tenure and Promotion Committee Letter
RCTP-15F       Vice Provost for System Affairs and Executive Dean for Extended University Letter
RCTP-15G      Provost’s Letter


Older Forms

2009 Forms
All 2009 Forms (Word Format)


2003 Forms
All 2003 Forms (Word Format)


1996 Forms
All 1996 Forms (Word Format)


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