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Adult Student Services is your special place at the University, and we are here to serve you.  Whether you are a former Carolina student or college is a new experience, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about returning to the classroom.


You can do it, too! Let us show you how. Contact us soon. Our advising staff wants to meet you and help you achieve that dream. For more information, please contact:

An Advisor at 777-9446 or 777-8155


Adult Student Advancement Program

If you're 25 or older and want to begin or complete a college degree program, or simply need a new start, we have a plan designed to fit your real-world, adult needs. Even if your first attempt at being a college student was not as successful as you’d have liked, there may be a way to repair that old GPA.


Back to School Workshops

These workshops offer an opportunity for adults considering a return to the classroom to meet with professionals in the field of Adult Student Services. We invite you to join with others as they learn about the process of admissions, applying for financial aid, and actually speak with individuals who have been adult students. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss your options. The workshops will be held twice a year—once before the fall term begins and again before the spring term. Details will become available at this site.


Non-Degree Students

Our Adult Student Services office also advises those students who wish to take classes but do not wish to earn a degree. Typical of these students are those who need further coursework for a graduate or professional program, or perhaps are sitting for a CPA exam and just need one or two accounting courses. Additionally, we serve hundreds of “transient” summer school students—those who attend school elsewhere but are back home for the summer and want to take a class.  We also offer support and advisement to senior citizens who view their later years as an opportunity to go back and take classes for personal edification or simply to broaden their already wide horizons. We delight in the diversity of students we serve here.





For more information about Adult Students at Carolina, please call the Extended University office at 803-777-8155 or email a advisor at

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