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Carolina Master Scholars Adventure Series



The award-winning, nationally recognized Carolina Master Scholars at the University of South Carolina offers scholastically challenging pre-university programs, known as the Adventure Series, for rising 6th through 12th graders who are academically talented. The series provides a comprehensive educational experience that exceeds and complements what students are learning in school. It enhances students' traditional classroom experiences by providing outstanding hands-on learning activities, and increases college marketability for those who participate.


The University of South Carolina awards the Carolina Master Scholar certificate to students who successfully complete three or more Adventure Series courses. With the Carolina Master Scholar designation, a student receives alumni recognition, may be eligible for extracurricular or portfolio credit during the academic year (as determined by individual school districts), and CMS alumni status.

The title Carolina Master Scholar is rapidly becoming a recognized honorary designation known by admission counselors throughout the United States.


Carolina Master Scholars Alumni are:

  • rising 6th- to 12th-graders
  • academically qualified or identified as talented and gifted
  • students who enroll in and complete at least three Adventure Series courses within the six years leading up to high school graduation.


Are you interested in seeing if you have what it takes to become a Carolina Master Scholar?





Carolina Master Scholars Graduates

Since its inception in 2003, the Adventure Series has graduated classes of talented young scholars who have completed three or more courses.


Once students earn their CMS certificate, they become official Carolina Master Scholars alumni and are invited to continue their adventures by enrolling in additional courses. CMS alumni opportunities include:

• early arrival on Sundays so you can get settled and become an official greeter for incoming scholars


• a special T-shirt and nametag identifying you as a CMS alumnus


• an opportunity to be an ambassador at CMS graduations, trade shows, and other University functions


• continuing your extracurricular academic activities


• a 10 percent discount on CMS residential and commuter programs and other pre-university programs including SAT/ACT Prep courses.


CMS 2014 Graduates


The University of South Carolina awarded twenty certificates to Carolina Master Scholars on December 12, 2014. These students completed three or more CMS Adventure Series courses.


Congratulations to the class of 2014!




For more information on becoming a Carolina Master Scholar, please call USC Continuing Education and Conferences at 803-777-9444, send an email to


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