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Course Name: Ancient Greek Mythology

Dates:   03/29/2014 - 03/29/2014


Ancient Greek Mythology                                                                                                 


Why did the Greeks have so many gods?  Why did these gods behave so callously, so cavalierly so…ungod-like?  In this workshop, we will explore how ancient Greeks explained the unexplainable through an in-depth look at their mythological structure. We will take a journey through Greek literature to identify and analyze the importance and purpose of mythological allusion. We will then perform dramatic readings as well as develop and craft our own myths. Join us in traveling back to Ancient Greece!


Course is offered to students currently in 5th & 6th grades.




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Lead Instructor: Elisabeth Petersen, Lexington Richland School District Five. This is third time Elisabeth has taught "Ancient Greek Mythology" course for Academic Adventures at University of South Carolina.


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