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Course Name: Exploring the World of Comics

Dates:   03/29/2014 - 03/29/2014


Exploring the World of Comics


What would it be like to be in a comic? How are comics created? In this exploration, we will answer these questions by studying the building blocks of comics- iconic vocabulary and strategic design, the use of symbolic images and concise language, and the creative ways in which writers and artists conflate time and space on the page. We will also discuss the history of comic books, graphic novels and manga in the twentieth century.  We will read and evaluate a few excerpts from the popular Marvel and DC comics, as well as other published comics. You will study picture theory, learn about genre and become familiar with the conventions of the field.  Once we’ve learned how to talk about comic books as a form of literature, we will discuss how real life is represented or translated into the cartoon world.  At the end you will have the opportunity to create your own mini-comic!!


Course is offered to students currently in 5th & 6th grades.



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