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Course Name: Learn to make a Wind Turbine Station using LEGOs & NXT Software

Dates:   03/29/2014 - 03/29/2014


Learn to make a Wind Turbine Station using LEGOs and NXT Software!                                                                                                     


Learn to make a Wind Turbine Station using LEGO’s and NXT Software. Investigate the NXT Wind Turbine’s ability to generate power by data logging wattage (W) values. Investigate how an NXT Wind Turbine facing the fan is compared to an NXT Wind Turbine turned away from the fan by data logging the performance of both. Also, learn how specific variables can be altered and their effect investigated. Students will build and explore machines and mechanisms; learn programming and data logging; identify energy conversion and power; interpret and read data; and investigate and evaluate variables.


Course is offered to students currently in 5th & 6th grades.




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Lead Instructor: Ed Gatzke is an instructor in the College of  Engineering and Computer Science at University of South Carolina


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