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Course Name: The Brain and How it Works

Dates:   02/15/2014 - 02/16/2014


Research into the brain has moved at an astonishingly rapid rate over the last few years and the more we learn, the more amazing the functioning of the brain is. Analyze some of the basic concepts in neuroscience with an emphasis on the neural and neurochemical substrates of behavior. Learn the basic components of the nervous system, neural development, and what we know (and don’t know) about the neurobiology of sensory, motor and sleep processes, motivation, learning, memory, and consciousness. Study human brains and dissect brains from different species. As a class, you will examine the symptoms of people with neurological disorders and discuss how they relate to brain damage. Some members of the class will have their brain activity measured.  At the end of the class, you will appreciate the complexity and adaptability of the brain and how much more there is to know about its function.


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Dr. Sandra Kelly works at in the Psychology Department at University of South Carolina


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