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FAQ: Carolina Master Scholars and the Adventure Series


Got questions? We've got answers.


USC offers a wide variety of summer academic programs for youth, so you may have some questions about the different courses, programs, application procedures, etc. Check out the FAQ below, but if your question is not addressed here, then email us at .


What is the link between Carolina Master Scholars and the Adventure Series?


The Adventure Series is part of the Carolina Master Scholars program. By participating and successfully completing three or more individual Adventure Series courses prior to the summer before the Senior year of high school, a student can earn the designation of Carolina Master Scholar. This honor provides special admission tracking to USC, special alumni recognition, and may be counted as extracurricular credit toward the completion of the secondary school portfolio by select school districts.


What is the cost?


Ranges $575 - $975 dependent upon program type (residential, commuter, commuter plus) and application date.  A laboratory fee may be charged for certain courses.  Please refer to the application for current prices.  



How many courses can I take?


Students are welcome to apply for multiple courses each summer; however a student may only enroll in one course per week.


What days of the week are the courses?


All students are expected to attend orientation on Sunday, and residential students should plan to move in that afternoon. The actual instruction and participation in each CMS program begins each week on Mondays and concludes on Fridays.


What is the deadline?


We encourage applications as soon as possible after January 2. In order to maximize the experience of working with University faculty, enrollment in each course is limited to 20 students, although some courses have even lower maximums. As a result, all courses are subject to fill early in the Spring. Early bird pricing postmark deadline is April 30. Applications must be postmarked/faxed by April 30, 2014.


Is a deposit required?


A $200 non-refundable deposit will be required for each course, and must be submitted along with the application.  Checks or credit cards will be accepted, and details will be included with the application materials.  The balance is due upon acceptance to the course(s). This deposit is deducted from the total course program fee.


What does a completed application consist of?


All applications, new or returning students must submit a "complete" application that consists of a personal and academic information form,official transcript or report card, deposit and choice of courses.


Can I get a refund?


Refunds of deposits and/or balance of fees will be made only in the event that a student is not accepted or if the course is cancelled by Continuing Education and Conferences/the University of South Carolina. 


How do I apply?


Applications, available on January 2, will be accepted by U.S. postal service, fax, or by completing an application online.  Submission instructions will be printed on the application.


Are there discount programs available?


In addition to scholarships, we offer three discount programs. The largest is the Early Bird plan, which allows any applicant to reduce their enrollment cost, if accepted, by submitting the application prior to a specified date. Our other program is designed for members of USC's Carolina Alumni Association or USC Faculty/Staff or CMS Alumni. Periodically other discounts may be made available. Please refer to this year's application for date and amount of discounts; note that only one discount can be applied per applicant, and no combined discounts are allowed.



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