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We are continuing to add new classes to our schedule.  If you have any suggestions for new courses, please send us an email to We are also always looking for knowledgeable instructors! 

Introduction to Digital Photography

Overwhelmed by your digital camera?   If so, get started with the basics in this introductory course. Become familiar with basic camera operation - taking pictures to storing and printing your favorites.


You will learn the basic operation of your camera while recognizing why and how photography is combining art and science to write with light. Important core fundamentals are explained to form a firm foundation for future photographic skills to be learned.

 06/07/16 - 06/28/16Tuesday6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Intermediate Digital Photography

This course will focus on the key elements of creating images that have impact!  Camera controls, composition, and subject matter will be discussed in this highly interactive class.


In this advanced class -

Scientifically - We learn more advanced concepts and techniques that will help you use your camera more effectively to control and manipulate light. 

Artistically  - We recognize and learn the elements of art that make an image more interesting. We strengthen your artistic ability by intentionally integrating these artistic elements into your images. This is the same concept as a dancer who practices movements repetitiously to develop muscle memory. Eventually, the photographer will develop a personal artistic style naturally. 

 07/06/16 - 08/10/16Wednesday6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Photography After Dark - Nighttime Photography

This class will explore the many ways to creating dynamic images after dark using a mix of “on camera” flash and long exposures. Photo assignments will include photographing portraits in night scenes (inside and out), mixing flash and ambient light, painting with light, fireworks, and city street scenes after dark. 


This course introduces the most creative techniques and is an essential culmination of the two previous core photography courses (Introduction and Intermediate). This course teaches the photographer the ability to effectively and artistically photograph dimly lit scenes with and without supplementing additional light. The photographer will learn to proficiently learn to use the camera’s flash for practical results to outright funky creative interpretations. Concepts and techniques such as painting with light, long exposures, shake and bake, dragging the shutter, multiple flash triggers, multiple exposures, sweet light, golden light, etc. 

 10/06/16 - 10/27/16Thursday6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Available Light Portrait Photography

This class is for photographers who are comfortable working with their camera, but are looking for a hands-on approach to learning new lighting techniques and creating beautiful portraits using only available light sources. Whether you are looking to improve your portraits as an amateur or a beginning professional photographer, this class will dramatically improve your photographs.

 09/01/16 - 09/22/16Thursday6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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