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Continuing Education Units


CEUs should be issued to all participants of programs that have a narrowly defined target audience and a learning objective that meets an identified need within the area of instruction.  Participants and sponsors may not opt out of CEUs or issue CEUs to some, but not all, participants.  Rather, the conference of CEUs will be determined solely based on the satisfactory completion of the stated program requirements. 

 CEUs may be used for the purposes of documentation for personal records or professional reporting to meet requirements for:

  • Maintenance or improvement of professional competencies
  • Documentation of continuing qualifications for licensure, certification or registration
  • Evidence of personal and vocational growth and adjustment to meet changing career demands
  • Preparation for a new career by personal preference or as caused by the pressure of individual or technological obsolescence  
  • Demonstration of a conscious and persistent effort toward personal development

Official University CEUs will be granted to university sponsoring units that submit for and receive authorization to issue CEUs in advance of the educational event.  Evidence of deliberate advance planning is required as a component of approval to issue official University CEUs.

 Required evidence of deliberate advance planning includes:

  • Needs assessment identifying the reason for which the activity is being planned,
  • Alignment with University mission and vision,
  • Statement of learning outcome objectives,
  • Statement of requirements for satisfactory completion and method of validation,
  • Quality of curriculum content, including documentation of instructional contact hours, content level,
  • Validation of qualification of instructors, and
  • Evaluation of program used to improve future programs.

A Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a measure of participation in an organized continuing education experience under sponsorship by an appropriate authority, with instruction, direction, and evaluation by qualified personnel. 


  • Appropriate for significant post-secondary level learning experiences for which degree credit is not earned.
  • May be used for the quantitative measurement, recording, reporting, accumulation, transfer, and recognition of participation by learners in noncredit continuing education activities. 
  • Avoids the term “noncredit” and reserves the term “credit” for those learning activities which generally lead to a degree or diploma. 
  • Encompasses all noncredit educational programs that confer formal documentation of completion upon individual participants. 
  • Quantified as the number of actual hours of instruction divided by ten.





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