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What are CEUs?
Who is eligible to apply for the CEU?
What are the benefits of the CEU?
Does USC provide CEU classes, seminars, or workshops?
What are the application fees?
What is the application and issuing process?


What are CEUs?

The CEU is defined as a measure of participation in an organized continuing education experience under sponsorship by an appropriate authority, with instruction, direction, and evaluation by qualified personnel and is quantified as the number of actual contact hours divided by ten.

The Office of Continuing Education and Conferences adheres to strict guidelines designed to assure proper documentation and reporting of noncredit special activities on behalf of the University of South Carolina, an institution accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).


What are the benefits of the CEU?

CEUs are a means of documenting the professional development activities an organization or department offers. For many career professionals, the CEU is used to maintain credentials, to justify promotions, and to document the training programs in which they participate.

For the University, CEUs help record continuing education opportunities provided by the University.  This information is used to validate compliance with SACS standards and for various reporting purposes.

SACS Standard 3.4.2 requires that all Continuing Education is aligned with the University's mission.  To view the University's mission, CLICK HERE.


Who is eligible to apply for CEU Documentation?

All programs for which University CEUs are provided must be sponsored by a University Department.  The CEU Documentation Form must be approved by the dean or department head to ensure proper review and program alignment with the University mission.

External agencies, including non-profit organizations, government agencies, businesses and professional development organizations, may be eligible to qualify their programs for CEUs if such programs demonstrate compatibility with the mission of the University of South Carolina and secure sponsorship through Continuing Education and Conferences or a related University academic unit.

CEUs are based on specific programs, not across the board for an entire organization, or for individuals. In other words, each class, conference, seminar, or training opportunity must be individually certified by CEC in advance of the actual program.  CEUs may not be issued to some, but not all participants who have successfully completed the program requirements.

Individual persons who wish to enroll in a CEU-approved program may not apply for CEU documentation. CEUs are only intended for the University academic and business units or sponsored organizations that offer continuing education programs.


Does Continuing Education and Conferences provide CEU classes, seminars, or workshops?

Yes.  Continuing Education and Conferences offers a number of Professional Education opportunities through our Professional Education Programs

Visit our website for a full list of continuing education courses and programs:


What fees are associated with CEU program processes?

Fees vary, depending on the program, sponsoring organization, and services required. 

For University sponsors, the program fee is $20.00.  An additional fee of $5.00 per participant is applied for CEU documentation services.  Additional services, including registration, marketing, and program coordination are available upon request.

Organizations outside the University may contact Continuing Education and Conferences for additional information about sponsorship, program application, and associated fees.

Payment and forms should be mailed to the following address:

Noncredit Programs Coordinator
Continuing Education and Conferences
University of South Carolina
1600 Hampton Street, Suite 403
Columbia, SC 29208


If you have any questions about the CEU Program process, or contents of this website, you may speak to the Noncredit Programs Coordinator at (803) 777-9444 or email us at


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