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Introduction to Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator’s essential vector tool allows beginners and experts alike to create professional quality print and web designs.  Used by design professionals worldwide, Illustrator CS5 provides precision and power with sophisticated drawing tools and a host of time-savers for busy professionals. 

In this course, you will learn skills that allow you to take advantage of Illustrator's powerful tools to create illustrations and type effects. Learn to design advertisements and printable documents. Work with colors, gradients, layers, fonts, and photos to create eye-catching illustrations and text effects. We’ll discuss both the print and web uses of this sophisticated graphics program.


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After this class, you will be able to:

  • Draw objects and edit them by scaling, reflecting, shearing, and more
  • Add text to an illustration and edit text attributes to create type effects
  • Customize your workspace by manipulating palettes and new CS5 interface features
  • Create and modify paths using the Pencil, Pen, Eraser, and Selection tools
  • Design complex illustrations by creating and using multiple layers
  • Adjust colors, gradients, and transparency in objects and paths
  • Prepare Illustrator files for use in print and on the web


What will be covered:

Lesson 1: Illustrator Interface Tools

Lesson 2: How Illustrator Works

Lesson 3: Startup

Lesson 4: Views

Lesson 5: Objects Basics

Lesson 6: Selecting and Copying

Lesson 7: Transform

Lesson 8: Reshape

Lesson 9: Fill & Stroke

Lesson 10: Pen

Lesson 11: Layers

Lesson 12: Create Type

Lesson 13: Style & Edit Type

Lesson 14: Acquiring Images

Lesson 15: Brushes

Lesson 16: Output/Export


Instructor - Nancy Daniel, CTT+

Nancy G. Daniel is a seasoned designer, web developer and instructor well-trained in CMS.  She has been an instructor with New Horizons as well as Lodestone of Charlotte and has been a dynamic presence in the web development field for more than ten years.

Nancy worked for several years as a technology and web designer before becoming an instructor for continuing and professional education. While she is a passionate educator, Nancy continues to develop and design with a team of cutting edge technology experts. Nancy holds a degree from West Virginia University and is a Certified Adobe Web and Print Instructor and a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT). Nancy also has a Management Certificate from the American Management Association (AMA).


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