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Intermediate InDesign


You’ve already delved into the remarkable desktop publishing capabilities of InDesign CS6 and you are starting to familiarize yourself more with print layout and design. Your next step is learning more about the full range of tools and features available to you in this environment. In this course, you will build on your existing knowledge of InDesign.



Upcoming Sessions

 Course: PE14-1899: Intermediate InDesign
 Dates: Friday: 12/05/14 - 12/12/14
 Times: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
 Fee: $395
 Session(s): 2

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After this class, you will be able to:

  • Customize your presets and set up your documents for smoother workflow
  • Use InDesign tools to create books, brochures, catalogs, and other multi-page, multi-media documents
  • Use library items and other tools to automate your workflow
  • Create custom vector-based graphics in documents
  • Have a better understanding of nested styles, basing a master on another master, layers and much more

What will be covered:

  • Lesson 1.  Points and Paths
    • The pen tool
    • Drawing lines and curves
    • Modifying paths and points
    • Deleting points
    • Erase tool


  • Lesson 2.  Layers
    • Creating and deleting layers
    • Setting the layer option
    • Working with layers
    • Layer content


  • Lesson 3.  Libraries and Snippets
    • Storing items in a library
    • Applying library items to a page
    • Setting the display
    • Searching and sorting
    • Creating and using snippets


  • Lesson 4.   Tabs and Tables
    • Inserting tab characters
    • Setting tab stops
    • Creating and using tables
    • Working with headers and footers
    • Adding images
    • Customizing cells
    • Setting borders, fills and strokes
    • Using the control panels
    • Styles


  • Lesson 5.  More about Styles and Masters
    • Creating style groups
    • Nested styles
    • Loading and importing styles
    • Object styles
    • Table styles
    • Quick apply
    • Creating GREP style
    • Basing a master on another master


  • Lesson 6.  Pages and Books
    • Changing the pages panel
    • Navigating and moving pages
    • Creating and separating spreads
    • Creating text breaks
    • Page numbers and text variables
    • Applying captions to graphics
    • Footnotes and reference
    • Making books
    • Creating a table of contents


  • Lesson 7.  Automating your Work
    • Changing case
    • Check spelling
    • Using find/change
    • Using the GREP find/change
    • Using the Glyph find/change
    • Using the story editor
    • Track text changes


  • Lesson 8.  Interactive Basics and Overview
    • Setting up your workspace
    • Types of elements
    • Hyperlinks
    • Setting destination to hyperlinks
    • Setting button states
    • Animated objects
    • Creating page transitions
    • Exporting interactive pdf
    • Exporting interactive swf

Instructor - Nancy Daniel, CTT+

Nancy G. Daniel is a seasoned designer, web developer and instructor well-trained in CMS.  She has been an instructor with New Horizons as well as Lodestone of Charlotte and has been a dynamic presence in the web development field for more than ten years.

Nancy worked for several years as a technology and web designer before becoming an instructor for continuing and professional education. While she is a passionate educator, Nancy continues to develop and design with a team of cutting edge technology experts. Nancy holds a degree from West Virginia University and is a Certified Adobe Web and Print Instructor and a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT). Nancy also has a Management Certificate from the American Management Association (AMA).


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