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USC: Palmetto College

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Palmetto College  •  803-777-7695  •
  Carrano, Jean Faculty Senate/Academic Affairs Coordinator
  Darby, Jay Director, Communications and Marketing
  DeWolf, Chris Director, Development
  Downing, Sher Vice Chancellor, eLearning
  Elkins, Susan Chancellor
  Hunter, David Associate Chancellor, Planning, Assessment & Student Success
  McAllister, Tabatha Associate Chancellor, Student Enrollment Services
  Rollings, Randy Director, Information Technology
  Russell, Kevin Associate Chancellor, Business and Human Resources
  Taylor-Colbert, Alice Director, Innovation
  Vittes, Elliot Executive Vice Chancellor / Chief Operating Officer
  Yarborough, Summer Executive Assistant to the Chancellor / Office Manager
Extended University  •  803-777-8155  •
  Abdalla, John Instructor
  Elliott, Julia Assistant Professor
  Ferrell, Kim Administrative Coordinator
  Fritz, Kathleen Instructor
  Hjelm, Mary Associate Professor
  Hudson, Janet Associate Professor
  Jones, R. Mac Assistant Professor
  Jones, Shelley Assistant Professor
  Lehn, Melody Assistant Professor
  McKay, Orren Instructor
  Lowe, Melissa Academic Advisor
  Lowe, Steve  
  Nesmith, Chris Dean of Extended University and Associate Provost
  Pappin, Joseph Professor
  Rashotte, Matt Assistant Professor
  Saucier, Patrick Instructor
  Sumner, Michael Academic Advisor
Ft. Jackson  •  803-782-8810  •
  Brown, Shirley Academic Advisor
  Vise, Connie Director, USC Ft. Jackson
Information Technology  •  803-777-0123  •
  Dyer, Bob Assistant Director, Information Technology
  Meadows, Amy Technology Support Coordinator
  Rollings, Randy Director, Information Technology
Palmetto College Campuses  •  803-777-7695  •
  Carmichael, Ann Palmetto College Campus Dean, USC Salkehatchie
  Catalano, John Palmetto College Campus Acting Dean, USC Union
  Collins, Walt Palmetto College Campus Dean, USC Lancaster
  Sonntag, Mike Palmetto College Campus Dean, USC Sumter
Student Enrollment Services  •  803-777-4800  •
  Blackwell, Bridget Associate Director, Accounts and Reconciliation
  English, Amanda Associate Director, Enrollment Services
  Kinlaw, Rosalind Electronic Data Processing Coordinator-Auditor
  Kupfer, Melissa Recruiter
  Lambert, Chris Recruiter
  McAllister, Tabatha Associate Chancellor, Student Enrollment Services
  Sims, Lillian Assistant Director, Accounting Services


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