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John Abdalla


Extended University


M.A. Memphis State University, History

A.B. University of South Carolina, Journalism



Research and/or Teaching Interests


John Abdalla recently collaborated with the Historic Columbia Foundation regarding  information on the early years of the Cotton Town District of Columbia, SC, including a video-tape session and presentations entitled, “The Early Years,” an autobiography, and “Lost Treasures – Reflections on the Lost Cultural Traits of my Immigrant Lebanese Family.” The eras of the 1940’s and 1950’s in U.S. and World History are of particular interest to him, and the focus for significant research and work over the years.  One of the products of this interest is the publication of an interview with a World War II prisoner of war entitled, “Allen King: World War II American P.O.W.” This bound book is located in the McWhether Library 4th floor : Oral History Research Office, Memphis State University, (1989).


Two-time recipient of the Stephen L. Dalton Distinguished Teacher Award USC-Fort Jackson (2000 and 2008). Inducted into the Mu Gamma Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda of the University of South Carolina National Honor Society- Teaching Adult Learners in Continuing Higher Education (2011).


Courses Taught


HIST 101 - European Civilization Ancient to Mid-17th Century
HIST 102 - European  Civilization From the Mid-17th  Century
HIST 111 -  U.S. History to 1865
HIST 112 -  U.S. History Since 1865  


Other Interests


My pre-academic work experience includes a career in the business world at Sears, Roebuck & Co. in various positions from Advertising Manager in Roanoke, VA to my final position, of District Business Manager Women’s Apparel – Memphis and Nashville, TN area stores.  Many of the positions within the company required travel to Chicago and New York and extensive travel throughout the Southeast United States.

Personal travel includes visits to Italy, Greece, Spain, Majorica, Lebanon  Mexico and Canada.


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