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The System Affairs Central Financial Aid Office, located in Columbia, South Carolina, is staffed by a Director, Associate Director of Accounts and Reconciliation, Assistant Director of Accounting Services, Electronic Data Processing Coordinator/Auditor, and Student Assistants. It serves as the central office responsible for ensuring appropriate compliance with federal, state, and University regulation for the four Palmetto College Campuses of the University of South Carolina. It allocates funds to the individual campuses and monitors the utilization of funds through the use of an on-line computer record keeping system. It is responsible for the application of all federal, state grant, and state scholarship funds as well as the fiscal accountability of said funds. Each campus has designated a Financial Aid Director whose primary responsibility is to provide localized communication and conuseling to the students on their campus.



The System Affairs Central Financial Aid Office provides administrative support to the Financial Aid Offices located on the University of South Carolina Palmetto College Campuses.



In order for the System Affairs Central Financial Aid Office to fulfill its mission, the following functions are performed:

  • securing the application of all Federal (Title IV), State Grant and State Scholarships and allocating these funds to individual campuses.
  • establishing policies and procedures to insure appropriate compliance with federal, state, and University regulation.
  • designing policies wherein individual campuses structure and needs are addressed by encouraging input from the financial aid directors.
  • accounting for the entire Palmetto College Campuses system and applicable fiscal reporting.
  • maintaining an ongoing training program for the Palmetto College Campuses financial aid directors and their respective staffs.
  • program development of the computerized record keeping to provide more efficient and effective service to the Palmetto College Campuses students.

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