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Online Learning from the University of South Carolina
Join the growing number of people who are turning to online solutions for their continuing and professional education.  Online programs offer in depth training with the flexibility that can't be found in a traditional classroom setting.  Whether you are seeking to improve your skills at your current job or interested in exploring new career paths, the University of South Carolina's online courses offer an affordable solution to your educational needs.  With self paced online programs, you are free to work toward your MCSE certification on Saturday mornings or learn project management skills from the comfort of your own living room. 


Why Online?
Online programs offer a convenient and flexible alternative to traditional programs.  Since you pick the time and place, you are free to progress at your own pace and review learning points as often as needed.  Online programs provide an active learning experience and immediate feedback through interactive learning tools and quizes that track your progress through the material.  Most University of South Carolina online programs offer a full year's access to experience and progress through the learning modules.


Why the University of South Carolina?
The University of South Carolina is recognized for the quality of educational opportunities across our campuses.  Now you can experience and benefit from all that Carolina has to offer from around the corner or across the globe. In addition to receiving quality instruction, most programs include

University issued Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the Office of Continuing and Professional Education, and a certificate of completion documenting the achievement. 


At South Carolina, Online doesn't mean "All Alone."
Online programs offer you the benefit of working at your own pace.  This means you can review materials as often as necessary and track your progress through interactive quizes.  Sometimes reviewing the material isn't enough and you need a little extra assistance.  That is why most University of South Carolina online programs offer online tutors - available 24 hours a day to assist you with your learning through a variety of interactive communication methods.  With the University of South Carolina's self paced programs, online doesn't have to mean all alone.


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