Fields of Conflict Conference 2014
March 12-15, 2014 Columbia, South Carolina, USA

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Discover Charleston and The Hunley Excursion




Tuesday, March 11 from 6:15am - 6pm





Discover Charleston

Tuesday, March 11 from 6:15am - 6pm


Visit historic Charleston, South Carolina, established in 1670 as the first permanent settlement in Carolina. The city was occupied by the British in 1780 and was the center of British activity during the American Revolution. In 1861, Charleston was the site of the beginning of the American Civil War. In 1920, Charleston became the first American city to pass preservation laws to preserve its old structures. Today, Charleston is a tourist’s dream, with fine dining, shopping, and hundreds of historic sites.


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Battle of Camden Staff Ride

Sunday, March 16


At 0200 August 16, 1780, nearly 3,400 Americans under the command of General Horatio Gates were marching through a pine forest along a narrow country road attempting to reach tactically important ground close to the upcountry village of Camden, South Carolina. Suddenly they crashed into 1,300 British soldiers under the command of Lord Charles Cornwallis. The British were marching toward them along the same road hoping to surprise the Americans at dawn. Both sides were surprised as the shots rang through the forest. Both sides drew back and prepared for battle which began at dawn. At first light, an American artillery officer saw British regulars deploying through the gloom to his left. A round of canister flew into the British lines and the Battle of Camden began. It would end in one of the most complete defeats of an American Army in American military history.


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Congaree Creek Battlefield Staff Ride


The River Alliance (, in conjunction with the National Park Service, is working with a consortium of partners to create a 12,000 Year History Park near Cayce, South Carolina. This includes the early 1700’s Colonial Fort Congaree, Revolutionary War sites, and the 1865 Civil War Earthworks and Congaree Battlefield. The Alliance has recently completed two miles of trails and bridges that circle the battlefield and allow access to key areas. This project and its Greenway connections was selected to be one of “America’s Great Outdoors” projects by the U.S. Secretary of Interior.


The Staff Ride will depart the Marriott at 1:10 for Congaree Park. The Staff Ride will be led by Dr. Stephen Bower, Command Historian, US Army Soldier Support Institute, and Mike Dawson, of the River Alliance.


In addition, a metal detector demonstration will be held after the staff ride at 3:30 at Congaree Park.
CONTACT MARIE BROWN to sign up for the Battle of Congaree Creek Staff Ride, Saturday March 15, 2014.


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