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USC: Continuing Education and Conferences

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Professional Staff

The Office of Continuing Education and Conferences has dedicated professional staff members for pre-university programs.



Faculty are selected by each academic department to insure the best instructor for the subject and the age group. Typically, a lead faculty member coordinates other faculty from his /her discipline to allow a full ensemble of expert knowledge on the topic.



In the areas of law, medicine, and criminal justice experts in the field are selected to teach.


Student Staff

Pre-University Programs selects the best and brightest from our academic year students to be counselors.


Professionals in the fields of risk management, safety and first aid extensively train all counselors. Further to insure the safety of our youth, all counselors working with a youth group are subject to a South Carolina Law Enforcement (SLED) background check.

Typically staff is comprised of one (1) counselor per 10 students.


2016 Counselor Applications


We are now accepting applications for summer counselors to work with Pre-University programs at USC which are designed for middle and high school students.


USC students are encouraged to apply for Residential Program Director, Day and Residential positions. Positions start May 30 – July 25, 2016. See the applications for more details and job duties. Application deadline for Residential and Day counselor positions are Thursday, February 18.


Apply Online


If you prefer to fill out a paper application, please download the desired application type. Once completed, please follow the instructions within the application to submit your application.


Residential Counselor Day Counselor



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